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Northfield Drive-In

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Northfield Drive-In

The Northfield Drive-In is the perfect place to spend a summer evening! This old-fashioned setting makes for the funnest movie night that you've ever had! Come and see new releases and enjoy the night with loved ones!

The Northfield Drive-In goes back to 1948 and has been offering wholesome family fun ever since! The Northfield Drive-Inn is one of the last remaining drive-in theatres in New England. The owner, Carl Nilman, owned 10-15 drive-in theatres and this is the last one that is still in operation today! A lot has changed with technology but The Northfield Drive-In continues to provide an affordable night out with family and friends.

There is a lot more to offer than just popcorn during this movie! Come hungry and ready to eat because the Snack Bar has you covered! If you are looking for something a little more filling, enjoy a fresh hamburger, a garden veggie burger, veggie dogs, all beef hot dogs, soft jumbo pretzels, corn dogs, mozzarella cheese sticks, chicken tenders, handmade pepperoni or cheese pizza, and more! Some great snack items include old-fashioned batter dipped onion rings, french fries, nachos loaded with cheese and a side of salsa, spring rolls, and fresh buttered popcorn. For dessert try some ice cream novelties, dark chocolate brownie bites, and more!

Adults: $12
Children under 12: $7
There is a no smoking policy on the first three rows closest to the screen as well as in the Snack Bar or in the restrooms.
The speed limit while on the grounds is 10 mph. Please drive carefully to ensure the safety of all guests.
If you have a large vehicle, such as a SUV, large truck, or cars with luggage racks, The Northfield Drive-In asks that you park in the last two rows to ensure that all cars and guests can see.